Five in Five with Shelli Johannes Wells

Hey  there WNRers, today we have S.R. Johannes, the author of the recently released Untraceable as our Five in Five victim…er…I mean guest!

Welcome Shelli!  I was only teasing about the victim thing, we’re actually quite friendly.  So, are you ready to get started?

 1.  Whatcha Reading Now?

I am reading A Million Suns by Beth Revis and Open Minds by Susan Quinn

2.  Awesome!  I loved Across the Universe.  Your first book, Untraceable,  is about a nature girl who is a total kick-butt survivalist, right?  So, if you had the choice between a month in a tent with no plumbing or a month at the Ritz with a very luxurious spa-like tub, which would it be? 

Um is there a trick in there because I’m thinking who would not choose the Ritz? I love the Ritz – used to stay there all the time when I was a consultant because our company had a contract. I know it’s a tough life right? But hey when you are on road every week – you NEED the Ritz J

3.      Okay, that last question was just silly, but this one is completely serious *grins*.  If you were stuck in a tent for a month with no plumbing – what famous hunky guy would you pick to rough it with?

Hugh Jackman. Brad Pitt. Oh wait can I only take one?

4.      Favorite camping food – granola, trail mix or beef jerky?

I think you assume I camp. My husband is the camper. I just listen to his stories. I might go to a cabin or spend the day hiking or watching him fish. But my favorite camping food is s’mores with dark chocolate.

5.      S’mores = Yum!  And here’s the totally random question, so you can finally talk about something other than wilderness.  You just have to tell us one (or more if you want) cool thing about yourself.

Oh gosh. I am so not cool. I guess I used to sing in a band. I wanted to be a singer for a long time – all through high school and college. Once I had kids I stopped singing and started writing. Go figure.

That’s okay, because I’m not cool either.  You know what would be really awesome?  If you’d answer our bonus question, which is:  If you could tag an author for a future Five in Five, who would it be and what question would you ask them?  

Megan Miranda – because she swears she is not good at interviews so it’s funny to watch her stress over them 🙂 yeah that’s the kind of friend I am. 🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by Shelli and WRNers, to find out more about  her and her book, Untraceable, click here!  

~Shel Delisle, WRNgirl  


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