Five in Five with Robin Preiss Glasser

Hi everyone! We’ve got a superific, wonderifilous treat for you guys today…here to give us their five minutes of time is Robin Preiss Glasser, illustrator of numerous children’s books, including the entire bestselling Fancy Nancy series. So Robin, what we really want to know about you is….

  1. Whatcha Reading Now?

 I was just on tour for Fancy Nancy, which means a lot of climbing on and off planes- every day a different town. So I chose the type of reading that I can pick up and put down easily. Humor collections work best for this sort of reading pattern, so I grabbed, I Shudder, by Paul Rudnick this time. His mom worked at my ballet company when I was there in the 1980’s, so I’ve enjoyed following his career. I also love anything David Sedaris writes- that sort of thing.

2.  If you could trade your life in for any fictional character’s life, who would you pick and why?

Mary Poppins. I’d love to be as magical as her, be able to enter pictures drawn on a pavement, fly, and also be as beautiful and ageless as Julie Andrews!

3.  Do you believe in soul mates?

I do now that I met and married mine. I like that he knows what I’m thinking, knows when I’m trying to cover up something or lie to make myself feel better. He sees my baloney flying a mile a way and just cracks up. He also has my back and is a net under my feet. It’s a nice secure feeling being married to him.

4. What skill would you rather have, the ability to fly or the ability to read people’s minds?

One of the mysteries of life is not knowing what others are thinking of you- I’m too insecure to want to actually know the truth. (Definitely flying- see question #2)

5. Tell us one MORE random thing about yourself.

I may look, on the outside like a 55 year old lady, but inside, I’m sometimes 6, sometimes, around 10, but never more than about 18, which is confusing since I have a 20 year old daughter- who is sometimes more mature than I am!

Awesome answers, Robin. Thanks so much for your time, and for the beautiful art that you provide us, through every book you illustrate. And to our readers, if you’re interested in seeing more of Robin’s art, check out her website at

— by Jill MacKenzie

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