Five in Five with Danielle Joseph

Hey y’all!

Here with us for our “Five in Five” interview this week is rock star writer of Shrinking Violet, Indigo Blues, and now the brand-spanking new novel, Pure Red, Danielle Joseph! Applause everyone!

So Danielle, it’s pretty obvious you’ve got a color obsession going on, right?  So let’s skip that question and move over to the quintessential…

1.       Whatcha Reading Now? I have just finished reading Christina Gonzalez’s next novel, A Thunderous Whisper. Get ready, it’s a heartfelt tear jerker!

2.       If you were going away to live in some new civilization and could only take three personal items with you, none of them being clothes, what would you take? Assuming my family was coming with me, I’d take my iPhone, my notebook and a collection of short stories.

3.       What’s your biggest “what if?” My biggest what if is…what if the world ran out of chocolate. There would be so many cranky writers roaming the earth!

4.       What’s your guilty pleasure? What lengths would you go to to get it back if someone took it away from you forever?  My guilty pleasure whenever I ride on an airplane is People Magazine. I have to buy a copy of it to read on my trip. I’ve been doing this since I was a teenager. If my husband or another travel companion stole the magazine from me, I’d have to to press the call button and get the flight attendant to eject them from the plane:).

5.       Tell us one MORE random thing about yourself. I love pickles and just made my first batch last month. Not too bad! 

There you have it, folks! Nothing hum-drum about this author, (I mean, anyone that’s that into chocolate, is okay in our books!) that’s for sure! If you want to learn more about Danielle and what she’s got going on next, visit her website at Also, visit her “grog” (group blog) site right here

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