An…um…Interesting Situation

So, you might be wondering what The Situation has to do with books and reading and such.

Um, probably not a lot. But the picture made you look, right?

Okay, in truth, there is a connection even if it is pretty slim.  The book we’re giving away this week is Jersey Tomatoes Are The Best by Maria Padian.  See the connection now–Jersey Shore/Jersey Tomatoes?  Yeah, like I said, it’s a stretch.

Anyway…it breaks my heart to give this book away and this is why.  I really, really wanted to read it!  It has all the stuff I love:  friendship, talented girls, a little romance.  Plus it’s supposed to be hysterical!  Here’s a little more about it to get you pumped up (but not in a The Situation kind of way):

In this hilarious and heartbreaking story of two teen girls, one summer changes everything. Both Henry and Eva are New Jersey natives and excellent athletes: Henry’s a master on the tennis court and Eva is a graceful ballerina. When opportunity knocks for both of them the summer before their junior year in high school they throw open the door: Henry sees freedom from her overbearing father and a chance to build her talents on the court. Eva sees the chance to be the best as well as even more pressure to be graceful, lighter, more perfect on the dancefloor.

Soon, Eva’s obsession with physical perfection leads her down the path to anorexia, and her health issues overwhelm everything else. But through it all these two best friends know that Jersey Tomatoes Are The Best, and nothing will come between them no matter the distance.

Yeah, I know, I know.  You wanna read it too.  It even goes with our sports issue over at the Whatcha’ Reading Now ? e-zine. 

So, here’s what you have to do.


@WRNgirls I wanna win Jersey Tomatoes Are The Best from the #WRNblog

That’s it.  Easy, right.  Just copy/paste.  Even The Situation could do it.  Probably.

If you’re not on Twitter–well, why aren’t you on Twitter?–but if you’re not, you can come and post on our Facebook Wall.   In fact, I’m feeling really, really, really generous, so if you do both you can be entered twice.  What?!  That doesn’t sound generous to you. Yeah, well, you gottta work for it a little ’cause I really wanted to read this book

One more thing:  if you win, don’t tell me how good it is, okay?  I might go all Snooki on you. ;D

by: Shel Delisle

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One Response to An…um…Interesting Situation

  1. I love, love, LOVED Maria’s book! And you don’t even have to enter me to win a copy because like I said, I already read it and LOVED it. Don’t want to deprive another reader of the great pleasure of reading JERSEY TOMATOES ARE THE BEST. And that, dear reader, is the situation!

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