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Introducing Five in Five Friday with Dawn Lairamore

Today is capital B, capital I, capital G BIG. “Why?” you ask. Because we’re launching Five in Five Fridays. “What is that?” you ask. It’s a mini-author interview of only five fun and completely random questions that you can read … Continue reading

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Amazing Mazers

It’s National Banned Books Week this week. So I was going to write this whole piece on why I believe it’s dangerous to ban, challenge, or censor any book, ever. But then this thought occurred to me that these are … Continue reading

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An…um…Interesting Situation

So, you might be wondering what The Situation has to do with books and reading and such. Um, probably not a lot. But the picture made you look, right? Okay, in truth, there is a connection even if it is … Continue reading

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A Vampire Like No Other

Ever watched Sesame Street? Come on, admit it. You have. There’s so much to love there. Right? When I watched it as a kid, what always stuck with me was the catchy songs. Remember the theme song, “Sunny Days?” Or … Continue reading

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