So, we’re taking the plunge.

When we started Whatcha’ Reading Now? we talked about having a blog and it’s come up a time or twenty since then.  Should we?  Shouldn’t we?

And we didn’t.  Until now.

The biggest reason we decided to dive in to the nutty world of blogging was because there are times when content comes up after the issue is up over at the Whatcha’ Reading Now?  site.  Like this month.  I was reading Hillary Wagner’s debut novel NIGHTSHADE CITY about an underground city inhabited by rats.  It was perfect for our Unreal! issue.  A dystopian tale about rats is — well — fantastical to say the least.  But, I hadn’t finished before we sent everything off to our webmaster.  And to be completely honest, even if I had, we can’t keep expanding our issue.  If we did that, we’d never get it finished.  So, a blog seemed like the perfect way to add content between issues.

I’m working on a review of NIGHTSHADE CITY that I’ll post on Amazon with all our other reviews and we’ll be giving away a copy of Hillary’s book with our contests this month.  You can always enter to win it by posting an answer to this question on our Facebook page.  Then, we heard from Arthur Slade.  All the WRNgirls met Arthur at The Miami International Book Fair.  He let me know about a couple older titles of his that he re-issued as e-books.  I bought Dust — a bargain at $.99 — and I’m reading it now.  It’s eerie — and unreal!

So, that’s how we ended up here.  In the deep end.  With all the other bloggers.

We hope you’ll tell us — what’s your blog?  And what got you started?

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One Response to So, we’re taking the plunge.

  1. Mary Newman says:

    Shadow Horse sounds like a great book 🙂

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