Five in Five with Corey Whaley

Wanna know how talented this week’s Five in Five author is? He’s talented enough to win both the William C. Morris YA Award as well as the Michael L. Printz Award for his debut novel, WHERE THINGS COME BACK. All in the same year, peeps. Totally unheard of. This guy rocks and we can’t wait to interview him. Ready, Corey?

First, whatcha’ reading now?

I just started “We the Animals” by Justin Torres. It’s beautiful. I recently finished Aaron Karo’s “Lexipros and Cons,” which was hilarious.

If you could join any band, which would you pick?

I’d probably pick Fun for its obvious namesake. And because I love their music like mad.

Can’t say I’ve heard of Fun but will def check it out.  If you could be roommates with a character from any book, who would it be?

I’d pick Billy Pilgrim from Slaughter-House Five. Mostly because I want to live in a Vonnegut novel.

If you had the choice to live with a gorilla that knows sign language or a dog that sings lullabies, which would you pick?

Definitely a gorilla that know sign language. Lullabies get old fast when you’re pushing 30.

I’m a dog lover, but yeah, the lullabies are a deal breaker. Gorilla it is. Our readers always love to know random things. Can you tell us something random about yourself?

Sure—I hate lettuce. For real, I refuse to eat it. It’s the worst. That is all.

Seriously? And here I never thought it had much taste. lol  And for a bonus, because we love a good bonus question, if you could tag another author for our Five in Five interview, who would it be and what should we ask them?

I’d tag Maggie Stiefvater and ask her about her favorite homemade airplane food.

Okay, now I’m curious. I’ll have to track her down and ask her to join us. Thanks a ton for entertaining us Corey and congrats on all the accolades for your debut. Can’t wait to read more by you. WRN? fans, you can keep up with Corey’s happenings in these places. Happy reading!




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Five in Five with Donna Gephart

I’m super excited about our Five in Five today!  Donna Gephart is the funny, talented author of As If Being 12 ¾ Isn’t Bad Enough, My Mother Is Running for President and How to Survive Middle School.  Last month, Olivia Bean, Trivia Queen hit shelves in bookstores and on-line.  I can’t wait to read her new book, and as if being an award-winning author isn’t enough, Donna Gephart is a sweetheart, too.

So, Donna. Please tell us Whatcha’ Reading Now?

D:  Imagine (How Creativity Works) by Jonah Lehrer. So far I’ve learned that our greatest bursts of creative output often comes after our most frustrating moments, where we’re ready to quit. So, power through those tough times!

Oh, I have to look for that, I love books about creativity and writing.

Now, if you could be on a popular reality TV show, which one would you pick and why?

D:  Who has time for TV? I’m busy writing! Is there a show called Harried Housewives, where women juggle career, kids, pets, house, volunteering, etc.? Oh, yeah, it’s called life.

Haha!  Right there with you.  Maybe we could be part of the cast for the premier episode on Season 1, okay?

But now we’re going to imagine that you have free time. You get to spend the afternoon with any famous person from history that you want. Who would you hang out with and what would you do?

D:  I’d LOVE to hang out with Stephen King and chat about his writing process and hear about what he’s working on now.

Yes, that’d be fun, for sure. Okay, question 4:  What is your favorite sound?

D:  I love hearing my kids laughing. And our dog has a hilarious bark/howl, that cracks me up every time I hear it.

Aww…that’s sweet!  Last one. Tell us one more random thing about yourself.

D: I have mad hula hoop skills and play a mean game of ping pong, but probably wouldn’t do both things at the same time.

That’s fun.  I have mad trivia skills, which is only one of the reasons I’m looking forward to your new book!

And if you could tag another author for a future Five in Five, who would it be and what would you ask them.

D:  I’d like to tag author Audrey Vernick and ask her who she likes to win the World Series this year.

Consider her tagged, Donna and thanks for the interview!

And WRN’ers if you’d like to get to know Donna better, you can visit her at:

*******One last thing!!  A brief commercial message.  If you haven’t stopped by in awhile, our new issue just went up.  It’s a mash-up of some of our favorites that didn’t fit anywhere else.*************

~ Shel Delisle, WRN girl

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Five in Five with Veronica Roth

I’m overly lucky to interview the talented and brilliant-minded Veronica Roth. Her book Divergent was a smash hit and the sequel Insurgent pubs this May, 2012. Welcome Veronica!

1. Whatcha’ Reading Now?

V: I just finished XVI by Julia Karr, and I’m about to start When We Get There by Shauna Seliy. And after that, I’ll be reading The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.

2. If you could transport back to any decade for six months, where would you like to land?

V: Do I have to go back? I’d love to go forward instead. To 2500, or something. Assuming we’re still around by then. I love history but it’s something I can already know about, albeit incompletely– the future, however, is uncertain and full of possibilities, so I’m more interested in seeing that.

K: Very cool! I’m not sure I’d be brave enough. Hmmm, you’ve got me thinking.

3. For a night out, would you rather go to dinner and a movie or head to the circus?

V: Dinner and a movie. Because, you know. Clowns.

K: Ha, ha. I never had a clown phobia, but man, my kids sure do.

4. Mac ’n cheese or a gourmet meal?

V: Gourmet meal! I mean, mac ‘n cheese is great every so often, but I would always choose a fancy dinner. You’re talking to the girl who loves brussel sprouts, here. But wait! What about…gourmet mac ‘n cheese? Best of both worlds.

K: Oh, wait, maybe you should make some gourmet mac ’n cheese with brussel sprouts in it. Let us know how that turns out if you try it.

5. Can you tell us one random thing about yourself?

V: I participated in congressional debate in high school. For those who are unfamiliar with it, it’s basically mock congress– a bunch of kids dressed up in professional clothes debating fake bills. A little nerdy, yes (okay, it’s really nerdy), but it’s also extemporaneous, so it taught me to think on my feet. I still wasn’t very good at it, though.

K: Love this. Nerdy bits and all!

**Bonus: If you could tag another author for a future Five in Five, who would you pick?

Debra Driza. And I’d want you to ask her what her favorite 80s song is, because I’m pretty sure it’s something by Wham!, and she knows all. The. Words.

WRNer’s, mark your calendars for May 1, 2012, the release date for Insurgent. Until then, you can keep up with Veronica and her happenings here.

Twitter: @veronicaroth

Blog: here

Tumblr: here

Interviewed by: Kerry O’Malley Cerra

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Five in Five with Josh Berk

Boy, oh, boy. Today we have the very talented (and very funny) Josh Berk with us.  Josh is the author of The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin and of the new, like really hot off the presses, Guy Langman Crime Scene Procrastinator.  Josh also claims that he is a procrastinator, but I know he’s kidding, because he got the answers back on this interview super fast.


Whatcha’ Reading Now?
I just started reading ‘Why We Broke Up’ by Daniel Handler. That book is heavy. I don’t mean the content – I mean it literally weighs like 20 pounds. What’s up with that? Maybe it’s all the illustrations. I’m very in favor of the trend of illustrated YA books and hope to get on board, though definitely will have to hire an illustrator because I draw like a child. A very drunk child. (See Exhibit A. That’s a self-portrait. I worked on it for a really long time.)

I love this picture – it’s actually quite good!  And WRNers, you may not know this, but  Josh also dances.  And sings.  If you want to check it out, go here. BUT, not until you finish this interview, k?

So…If you could be a TV detective, who would you want to be?

Probably Elliot Stabler from ‘Law & Order SVU.’ And not just because my co-worker would be Mariska Hargitay but yeah, mostly that… Second choice would be Jim Brass from CSI. I do a pretty good Jim Brass impression around the house, saying stuff to my kids like “Just put the milk down. PUT IT DOWN.” Then I narrow my eyes all squinty and dramatic. It never works but it makes my wife laugh.

I’m going to try it: ANSWER THIS QUESTION.  If you could only have one of the five senses which one would you pick and why?

I am pretty sure the point of life is eating so I’m going to go with taste.

It totally worked.  And, while I’d agree with you, I was really curious to see how you’d answer  that question since the main character in HAMBURGER HALPIN is deaf.  Next one? Who is your biggest hero?

I’m going to say my wife because she puts up with me all the time & pretends my Jim Brass impression is funny.

Ha! Aww…that is really, really sweet.  I hope you show her this interview.

And, drum roll, please, please tell us one very random thing about yourself.

Before I had anything else published, my biggest claim to fame as a writer was a letter to the editor printed in Rolling Stone magazine (2005).


Finally, if you could tag another author for a future interview who would it be and what would you want to ask them?

I’m going to say Chris Rylander because he’s hilarious. I’d like to ask him for fantasy baseball tips because he always wins our league.

Ha!  Okay, making a note of that.

So WRNers, you can go check out Josh’s videos NOW.  Plus…

For more information visit

For too much information visit @joshberkbooks on Twitter

~ Shel Delisle, WRNgirl

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Five in Five with Rhonda Stapleton

Hi Everyone!  Are you ready for the weekend?  Me too.  And to lighten things up at the end of this week, we have with us the spectacularly gifted and talented Rhonda Stapleton, whose Stupid Cupid series was consolidated into one fantastic book that is three times the normal amount of sweet romance and laughs.  The new book is called STRUCK and it went on sale everywhere in December, 2011.  These books are seriously funny—I’ve read all of ‘em—and you should enjoy this week’s Five in Five.

Okay, here we go:

Whatcha’ Reading Now?

Oh, dude—I just picked DELIRIUM by Lauren Oliver to read. I’m very excited about it.

Yep. That was an excellent read. Okay, now for something everyone wants to know:  Frankenberry or Count Chocula?  *raises eyebrow* And why?

Count Chocula, because he’s the sexiest vampire I’ve ever seen…he gives me chocolate, and he never watches me sleep.

Haha.  Yes, I’d have to say I prefer him to Edward, but I think a lot of our WRN members would disagree with us.   Now with the all-important food/vampire question out of the way, onward.

So, if you were playing dodge ball, who would you want as your team captain—Genghis Khan or Attila the Hun?

I was going to choose Chuck Norris, but if I had to choose between your two ferocious options, I’d say Genghis Khan.

Ah…Chuck Norris would be a good choice, because he’s totally kick butt without the ruthlessness.  He’d be a great boss, which is a really artificial segue to the next question.

What was your worst job ever in 2,000 words or less?

HAH. Worst job ever. Okay, probably the one where I was a telemarketer for accidental death and dismemberment insurance. You know, if you lose one eye and one limb, you get like $5,000. But if you lose TWO eyes, or an eye and TWO limbs, you get like $10,000. What it really meant was everyone hated me, I got screamed at and hung up on, and I felt like a sleaze. I lasted a month.

Oh, so sorry you had to do that.  A bad job for sure.

Will you tell us one more random thing about yourself? And can you make it something kinda cool that not a lot of people already know? Please.

Ummmmmm…I auditioned for American Idol back in 2004. I sang Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain.” LOL. 

That. Is. Way. Cool.

Bonus:  If you could tag another author for a future Five in Five who would it be and what question would you ask them?

Amanda Brice! She’s a self-pubbed author and she’s a blast. I’d ask her what her favorite style of dance is and why (she danced for a long time).

Thanks so much Rhonda for stopping by and yakking with us.

Hey WRN’ers Rhonda’s randomness about the American Idol audition blew me away and so I had to ask her for details and she told me she blogged about it way back when in 2009 (actually earlier the first time.  If you’d like to read about it head here.

In addition to that site, you can find more info about Rhonda at this site for free-lance editing.  And, if you enjoy lighted-hearted romance she also has an funny adult romance novel —  SUPERZERO.

by Shel Delisle

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Five in Five with Matt de la Pena

Hiya WRN’ers! Today is, like, the best day ever for me. Why? Because I got to interview Matt de la Pena, author of three of my favorite books of all time, Ball Don’t Lie, We Were Here, and I Will Save You. So I’m going to need to take some deep breaths before I start. Whew. Okay, I’m ready. So Matt…

Here at Whatcha Reading Now, we’re always dying to know…

  1. Whatcha Reading Now?

Nothing! I just finished reading about 270 books in three months* — I’m a judge for this year’s National Book Award. So I’m staying away from books for two weeks! Gotta rest my eyes, you know? At the end of my two-week hiatus I plan to read whatever you suggest. Deal? So, what should I read? Keep in mind, I’ve read the majority of the books that came out this year.

  1. Do you believe in ghosts? If so, have you ever seen one?

I grew up in an old, beat-up house near the border of Mexico and San Diego, and sometimes at night, I promise, I heard a ghost cruising around my room. I made him/her a deal. “Look,” I said, “you don’t mess with me, I won’t mess with you. All right?” The ghost didn’t answer, but he/she didn’t strange me either. (I wonder if it was a girl ghost, by the way. If so, I wonder if she was hot. How cool would it be to date a girl ghost!)

  1. What’s your biggest regret? If you don’t have one, how do you stay so regretless?

My biggest regret in the history of my life: not speaking Spanish. I’m half Mexican. I should be fluent. But sadly, I chose to speak only English as a kid. And I regret the heck out of that now.

  1. Name the top three things on your bucket list?

1. To make out with a ghost girl (question #2 seriously got me thinking!).

2. To live in Spain (man, what a cool country. I spent a few months there back when I was in grad school, and I vowed to live there for a year . . . it’d be crazy romantic to write a novel there and eat paella every night and be surrounded by Spanish. I HAVE to do this. How do I do this? Maybe I can apply for a grant.)

3. To have a kid (I think it’d be awesome to have a family. If I had a little girl I’d keep her away from dudes. Until she was thirty. This includes ghost dudes. If I had a baby boy I’d get him in a little headlock the day he was born. I think it would be amazing to have a family of my own.).

  1. Tell us one MORE random thing about yourself.

I’m INCREDIBY scared of spiders. I’m serious. Throw me in a cage with a lion. Match me up with a alligator or a python. But whenever I spot a spider, doesn’t matter how big or small, I take off running. Those things freak me out. I’m scared to even step on them because I believe their poisonous fangs with bust right through my sole! Look, I’m all sweating and stuff just thinking about it.

Thanks for that, Matt. You’re so awesome, and your answers totally prove it. For all of our readers, you can check out more of Matt’s stuff at

*I interviewed Matt in the fall of 2011 for the awards that were announced last month. He’s not reading for next year’s awards.

– by Jill MacKenzie

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Five in Five with Shelli Johannes Wells

Hey  there WNRers, today we have S.R. Johannes, the author of the recently released Untraceable as our Five in Five victim…er…I mean guest!

Welcome Shelli!  I was only teasing about the victim thing, we’re actually quite friendly.  So, are you ready to get started?

 1.  Whatcha Reading Now?

I am reading A Million Suns by Beth Revis and Open Minds by Susan Quinn

2.  Awesome!  I loved Across the Universe.  Your first book, Untraceable,  is about a nature girl who is a total kick-butt survivalist, right?  So, if you had the choice between a month in a tent with no plumbing or a month at the Ritz with a very luxurious spa-like tub, which would it be? 

Um is there a trick in there because I’m thinking who would not choose the Ritz? I love the Ritz – used to stay there all the time when I was a consultant because our company had a contract. I know it’s a tough life right? But hey when you are on road every week – you NEED the Ritz J

3.      Okay, that last question was just silly, but this one is completely serious *grins*.  If you were stuck in a tent for a month with no plumbing – what famous hunky guy would you pick to rough it with?

Hugh Jackman. Brad Pitt. Oh wait can I only take one?

4.      Favorite camping food – granola, trail mix or beef jerky?

I think you assume I camp. My husband is the camper. I just listen to his stories. I might go to a cabin or spend the day hiking or watching him fish. But my favorite camping food is s’mores with dark chocolate.

5.      S’mores = Yum!  And here’s the totally random question, so you can finally talk about something other than wilderness.  You just have to tell us one (or more if you want) cool thing about yourself.

Oh gosh. I am so not cool. I guess I used to sing in a band. I wanted to be a singer for a long time – all through high school and college. Once I had kids I stopped singing and started writing. Go figure.

That’s okay, because I’m not cool either.  You know what would be really awesome?  If you’d answer our bonus question, which is:  If you could tag an author for a future Five in Five, who would it be and what question would you ask them?  

Megan Miranda – because she swears she is not good at interviews so it’s funny to watch her stress over them 🙂 yeah that’s the kind of friend I am. 🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by Shelli and WRNers, to find out more about  her and her book, Untraceable, click here!  

~Shel Delisle, WRNgirl  


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Five in Five with Shel Delisle (one of our very own WRN? girls!)

Today’s a huge, HUGE day for WRN? Why, because it’s the first time we get to interview one of our very own. SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!  Shel Delisle’s a co-founder and the brain-child behind our beloved Whatcha’ Reading Now? Her book Dolphin Girl is pure magic. It’s true. I wouldn’t lie to ya!

Dolphin Girl, A.K.A. Jane, is totally relatable. Feeling trapped by the cliques (A.K.A. pods) at school and her mother’s rules at home, Jane longs for freedom. So, when hottie Sam Rojas who, despite being in the trophy case crowd, takes an interest in Jane, a member of the water fountain clan, she starts thinking maybe things can change. And that royally peeves ex-BFF/now trophy caser/I-want-Sam-all-to-myself Alana.

The daisy (he loves me, he loves me not) romance of Sam and Jane had my heart all aflutter. You gotta read this book!

In the meantime, let’s check in with Shel and see what floats her boat.

  1. Of course we wanna know, whatcha’ reading now?   Geez!  This is such a pressure filled question!  I never realized it when we were asking everyone else.  It’s like I’d like to sound half-way intelligent and that is never easy for me to do.

                Okay, here goes.  War and Peace by Tolstoy. 

                Not really. 

Actually, for fiction I’m reading Trash by Andy Mulligan.  It’s a story about a boy named Raphael and his friends who live at a dump and stumble upon something special and mysterious.  Their decision to keep it sets everything in motion.  It’s pretty tense and I think it’s a bit disturbing that I can’t tell if the novel is set in a future dystopian society or present day in a Third World country.   

For non-fiction, I’m reading Blogging for Dummies.  

  1. If you could go back to college and choose one other author to be roomies with, who would ya pick?  How funny!  Okay, if I can’t pick you, then it would have to be Louise Rennison, author of the Georgia Nicholson series.  Here’s why:  she’s hysterical, she comes up with wacked out things to do, and you would always know exactly where you stood with her. 

Aww, shucks. You’re so sweet. And while we’d make great roomies, I think Louise Rennison is waaaaay funnier than I could ever dream of being.

3. Would you rather be left on a ski-lift overnight in a snowstorm or be trapped on a rollercoaster continuously looping for twenty-four hours?  Ha!  Can I say neither?  No?  Okay, ski-lift it is, as long as I have a blanket (and maybe a companion?).

4. Across the Universe (movie not the book) or the Ms. Universe PageantEasy peasy.  I love everything about The Beatles and this movie was a phenomenal artistic interpretation of their music.  So, it’s not even a contest.  Sorry Miss Universe or Ms. Universe or Mrs. Universe, whoever and wherever you are. 

And I’d like to add, if I may, that the book beats the pageant by miles, too.  

Haha, agreed.

5.  Now it’s your turn. Tell us one MORE random thing about yourself. Anything ya want!  Once upon a time, I bought a pet alligator for a boy I was in love with.  Yeah, I know.  Nothing says “I love you” quite like a reptile.  I mean, it’s way more memorable than a Hallmark card, don’t’cha think?

What’s that? You think memorable could mean it’s a bad memory.

Nah, no way.  Besides, it’s what he asked me to bring him.    

Ack, gators are my biggest (and only irrational) fear in life. Even the baby ones. Sheesh, you’re crazy.

** Bonus time. Because who doesn’t love a bonus?  If you could tag a future author for our Five in Five Friday who would it be and what’s one burning question you’d have for them?

I’m a huge fan of A.S. King, so if we could get her to participate that would be incredible and I’d love to know:  Does she think in flow charts?    

See why we’re so excited. She’s awesome. *wiping a tear from eye* There are oodles of ways to check Shel and her book out. Here are some links. And, if you wanna win a paperback copy of Dolphin Girl, leave a comment. It can be about Shel, about our Five in Five (maybe a future author you want to see), about your cliques from HS or whatever. Pretty easy, peeps.



Whatcha’ Reading Now web site


Facebook page


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Five in Five with Robin Preiss Glasser

Hi everyone! We’ve got a superific, wonderifilous treat for you guys today…here to give us their five minutes of time is Robin Preiss Glasser, illustrator of numerous children’s books, including the entire bestselling Fancy Nancy series. So Robin, what we really want to know about you is….

  1. Whatcha Reading Now?

 I was just on tour for Fancy Nancy, which means a lot of climbing on and off planes- every day a different town. So I chose the type of reading that I can pick up and put down easily. Humor collections work best for this sort of reading pattern, so I grabbed, I Shudder, by Paul Rudnick this time. His mom worked at my ballet company when I was there in the 1980’s, so I’ve enjoyed following his career. I also love anything David Sedaris writes- that sort of thing.

2.  If you could trade your life in for any fictional character’s life, who would you pick and why?

Mary Poppins. I’d love to be as magical as her, be able to enter pictures drawn on a pavement, fly, and also be as beautiful and ageless as Julie Andrews!

3.  Do you believe in soul mates?

I do now that I met and married mine. I like that he knows what I’m thinking, knows when I’m trying to cover up something or lie to make myself feel better. He sees my baloney flying a mile a way and just cracks up. He also has my back and is a net under my feet. It’s a nice secure feeling being married to him.

4. What skill would you rather have, the ability to fly or the ability to read people’s minds?

One of the mysteries of life is not knowing what others are thinking of you- I’m too insecure to want to actually know the truth. (Definitely flying- see question #2)

5. Tell us one MORE random thing about yourself.

I may look, on the outside like a 55 year old lady, but inside, I’m sometimes 6, sometimes, around 10, but never more than about 18, which is confusing since I have a 20 year old daughter- who is sometimes more mature than I am!

Awesome answers, Robin. Thanks so much for your time, and for the beautiful art that you provide us, through every book you illustrate. And to our readers, if you’re interested in seeing more of Robin’s art, check out her website at

— by Jill MacKenzie

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Five in Five with Arthur Slade

a nice photo of Art   Five in Five with Arthur Slade

Heya, WRN?’ers. We’re psyched to have Arthur Slade with us today. He’s the mega-author of over 15 novels. From middle-grade graphic novels, creepy short stories, sci-fi and more, he’s got it covered. Ever heard of The Hunchback Assignments series? Yup,that’s Arthur’s. They are Steampunk novels at their best. You gotta check him out. You can do that right here.

Ready, Art?

1. First, we wanna know…Whatcha’ Reading Now?

Frankenstein! By Mary Shelley. I’m doing a bit o’ research for the 4th Hunchback Assignments book. I find her version of Frankenstein’s monster the scariest because he’s ultra-intelligent. And he’s a vegetarian. He just eats berries and nuts! Err, not that vegetarians scare me. But 6 foot 10 vegetarians that have a murderous side do frighten me. I often cower when I see them coming.

2.  What’s the first book you remember really loving and how old were you at the time?

Oh, that has to be The Hobbit. I was nine years old and I adored that book. My teacher read the book to the class and I was so entranced. Those hobbits were cool, even if they did have hairy feet. Actually, the fact they had such hairy feet was kind of cool, too. They didn’t need shoes. Think how much money that would save.

3. If you could be a superhero, what would you want your kick-butt power to be?

Ultra-thesaurus-brain. That’s right, instead of picking a power that would save the world, I want one that would automatically allow me to choose the perfect word for the perfect situation. Someone would shout, “What’s another word for spittoon?” and I’d shout “cuspidor.” And then everyone would get grossed out because they’d think about all the chewing tobacco that ends up being spit into a spittoon. Okay, maybe it’s not a great kick butt power.

4. If you could be a food, what food would you want to be?

Edamame. I mean what is that stuff? It’s green. It’s a bean. It’s full of protein. And yet it’s so small. Small and powerful. And somehow perfectly shaped. You can tell I spend a lot of time thinking about edamame. Actually, I don’t even know how to pronounce it.

5.  Your turn. Tell us one cool, random thing about yourself.

I live in a city named after a small berry (I seem to be stuck on food): Saskatoon. It’s a purple berry that we use to make pies. I mean it doesn’t even sound real, does it? Saskatoon, Saskatchewan? That’s like a made up place. And then when I tell people that I was actually born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan…that just blows their minds. I think it’s good for your imagination to live in an imaginary-sounding place.

**Oh, and a bonus question. We all love a good bonus. If you could tag one author for an upcoming issue of our Five in Five who would it be and what burning question should we ask them?

Kenneth Oppel. Hey Ken, what would you rather ride on…a giant bat or a giant airship?

There ya have it. Everything you’ve always wanted to know about our good friend. Thanks a bunch for stopping by Art. And, peeps, you can find his books just about anywhere, so whatcha’ waiting for? Go buy them.

Interviewed by Kerry O’Malley Cerra

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